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Classic Cars 1968 Ford Falcon XT GT

Boasting a 302 cubic-inch Windor V8, this original 1968 Ford Falcon XT GT will deliver you in grand style and comfort. This top of the range XT GT was equipped with uprated suspension and leather trim, both which will only add to your comfort and enjoyment as you roar around town. Enjoy the sounds and sensations of a 1960's muscle car as you get chauffeured to your prefferred destination. This wild beast will be sure to turn heads and attract all sorts of attention!

1967 Ford Falcon XR 500

This 1967 Ford Falcon XR 500 is as rare as hen's teeth. Still looking as new as the day it was produced, this gentle giant will turn heads and warrant camera action all day. Featuring a 289 cubic-inch Windsor V8 and 2 bench seats capable of holding 6 persons, enjoy a nice cruise around town in class and comfort.

1962 Ford Falcon XK Deluxe

Witness a part of history as you travel in the very first model of the famous Ford Falcon. This 1962 Ford Falcon features 2 bench seats designed to seat 6 persons. Powered by a 170 cubic-inch Inline 6 cylinder, this Falcon Wagon will be a crowd favourite with it's custom paint and interior.

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